Winnipeg, 2023 – The team at Ambassador Mechanical demonstrated their support to women’s heart health by participating in an annual event hosted by Hopital St-Boniface Hospital Foundation that brought attention to the impact of heart disease on women and the importance of prevention.⁠

The event brought together individuals from various backgrounds to raise awareness about the importance of prioritizing heart health among women. Ambassador team proudly joined forces with like-minded advocated to empower discussions and educational initiatives aimed at fostering a better understanding of the unique challenges women face concerning heart health.

“We are proud to stand strong for women’s heart health. This event was a powerful reminder of the impact of heart disease on women and the need for proactive measures. It was heartening to see everyone come together with a shared goal of making a difference.”

Participants left the event not only feeling empowered but also motivated to instigate positive changes in their own lives. The Ambassador team is now dedicated to spreading the word about heart health awareness and prevention, advocating for healthier lifestyles within their community.

For those interested in learning more about upcoming events organized by the foundation behind this impactful initiative, visit Hopital St-Boniface Hospital. The foundation plays a crucial role in advancing the conversation around heart health and supporting initiatives that aim to improve outcomes for women facing heart-related issues.