Red River College – Paterson Global Foods

The Union Bank Tower was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1996.
The building has been restored to its former glory. It now proudly bears the name of the Paterson family, whose business also spans a century and whose roots are firmly planted in the grain industry.
The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute will help foster round-the-clock activity through continuing education programs, an upscale restaurant, Jane’s, and the college’s first student residence which can house 112 students.
Notably the building was designed to be a sustainable facility targeting LEED® Gold certification. The addition houses the bulk of the mechanical and lab equipment that has been designed to recycle cooking lab energy that would normally be discarded. Waste heat from the refrigeration systems is also captured to heat domestic water and the pumps that heat and cool the student residence. A new mechanical system and renovated envelope help to achieve a target of 47% energy cost savings over the MNECB. Window sashes were milled to accept dual pane, low-E glazing units and re-installed as hopper style windows to increase thermal performance, for ease of operation, and provide fresh air to occupants. Adaptive re-use in a dense urban core, a green roof over the annex, targeted 44% water use reduction with low flow fixtures, waste management during construction, and the use of materials with low VOC’s, and recycled content also contribute to the sustainability of the facility.

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Sector: Institutional; Design Assist
Value: $7.8 M
Completed: 2013